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Radiophonic Sea Creatures#11: Five Minutes of Fish Head


Make a bizarre cultural gesture that nobody understands because the Radiophonic Sea Creatures have resurfaced once again!In the Shallows this week we talk about Big Hero 6, Ollie Ollie 2 and (finally!) Alien: Isolation.

Then in the Depths we flip the Oscars ceremony on it’s head and give out a bunch of our own (dildo shaped) awards including Best Actor / Actress, Best Supporting Actor / Actress, Best Director, Best Action Sequence, Funniest Scene and Most Annoying Movie Moment of the year.

All that and more can be enjoyed right here:

As a personal aside, i must apologize for getting a ‘wee’ bit too drunk in the latter third of this episode. Damn that rum and coke! Damn it all to hell!


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